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COVID-19 safety

Dear colleagues!
We are truly grateful for the trust you have placed in Millennium choosing us as your training provider and we appreciate your ongoing support.  Today we would like to discuss our safety measures taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and stay fully operational.
Millennium Training is highly committed to ensuring the health and safety for their staff, students and visitors of the training center at all times. For this reason and with the new challenges we face with COVID-19, we have implemented comprehensive multiple-stage risk assessments and have maximally increased our sanitary and hygiene requirements in order to help reduce all associated risks at our training facility. We strictly follow safety rules developed on the basis of requirements and recommendations of Russian Rospotrebnadzor and World Health Organization.
Major safety rules at Millennium:
- All persons entering the facility are given a safety briefing prior to proceeding. This safety briefing has been updated to include our new safety measures associated with COVID-19.
- Throughout our facility, we have added posters outlining proper hygiene and handwashing procedures.
- Alcohol disinfectant hand sanitizers are provided in multiple locations such as our reception area, coffee room, classrooms and swimming pool area.
- Millennium is implementing social distancing measures. We will require all persons to maintain at least 1.8 meters between people.
- Face masks will be required and are available to all persons entering the training facility.
- Millennium uses enhanced cleaning and disinfection regimens at all times.
- Millennium has introduced new start time procedures with course start times staggered in order to avoid large gatherings.
- Practical exercises are carried out individually or in small groups to reduce instructor-delegate interaction.
- Temperature check of Millennium staff, students, and visitors is conducted with the use of a non-contact thermometer on a whenever entering the facility.
-  We verify the health of our staff on a regular basis.
- Millennium has also revised the requirements to access the training facility in the event of COVID- 19 spread risks.
- Millennium has identified response and actions to be taken in case of COVID-19 suspect.
Updated safety procedure is available on our website.
Be well and be safe!